Statistics claim that Facebook has around 2.4 Billion users out of which 1.8 Billion are active members who spend on an average of 45 – 60 mins per day on the site.

This gives an opportunity to showcase the relevant advertisements to the respective users based on their browsing preferences. It is a smart move made by most of the small business owners to have their online presence marked. In this territory there is a lot of capability to convert leads into prospective customers.

Facebook advertisers have the power to create powerful ad-content to reach out to the targeted audience by analyzing various factors such as Demographics, preferences, interests and activities.

All of this can be achieved by making use of the available Facebook tools. Our exclusively trained professionals at Blak Mammoth have mastered the skills of using Facebook analytical tools.

Blak Mammoth’s Facebook advertising services help businesses of all classes to:

  1. Increase Facebook engagement on boosted and organic posts.
  2. Drive more followers to their page to increase Brand loyalty.
  3. Utilize available data of the users to create prospective customer base.
  4. Promote your website traffic through Facebook.
  5. Improve branding and visibility.
  6. Interact and engage with customers.



For as low as, 50 pies per click.

Yes, you heard that right!

As the response to your advertisement has been performing more than you have anticipated, the set budget also decreases.

It is one of the most cost-effective methods to promote your small business and take it to the next level. Facebook has several options laid out in front of you to tweak and play around with, to bring out the best results.

Exclusive features such as,

  • How many people visited your website?
  • Organic reach
  • Paid reach
  • Number of Link clicks
  • Number of reactions to your post
  • Comments received
  • People who shared your post

You can also choose your audience based up on the following factors:

  • Purchasing behavior and pattern
  • Online activities
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Third party information related to one’s consumer behavior

Facebook is universally accepted as the most affordable alternative to paid advertisements. The cost is comparatively lower than Bing ads and Google AdWords. It is highly recommended that Facebook be considered as priority over the other pay per click ads.



Blak Mammoth is one of the most trusted Facebook advertising agencies in India who ethically generate leads with the help of Facebook tools and genuinely increase exposure to the audience. Several tricks in the market are available to purchase likes and paid reviews which are adopted by several other competitors.

But at Blak Mammoth be assured to do business without violating any norms set by Facebook which can in turn cause harm to your business in the future.

We help build relationships, trust and loyalty to create a lifelong customer base and in return our valued and satisfied customers become the advertising base for us.