Do you find it fishy in the way your website lost its ranking?

Chances are that you have been charged with a Google Penalty. The other way to determine how you have been penalized by Google is when there is a sudden drop in traffic flow to your website.

At an instance like this your website requires immediate attention.


It’s a common sight when an otherwise phenomenally performing website falls in the rankings. Google is regularly changing and updating its algorithm and you need to keep up to its norms. If failed to do so, website visitors are repeatedly reminded by warning messages and unnatural links with warning messages in Google webmaster Tools. This can eventually lead the customers to redirect to the competitor’s websites leading to a tragic downtime to your website. During this period you might have lost a handful of potential customers.


Despite implementing all the possible SEO techniques, if your website is not ranking higher than before, chances are that your website is penalized. By either or all the factors to which we already have the recovery Master-Plan.

  1. Google Panda Recovery Services

To keep search engines tidy, Google is always cleaning up low quality sections periodically by updating their algorithms. These algorithms are pushed out in a timely manner called as Panda updates. These updates are more than just complicated demanding for an expert to act on the new changes.

This calls for an in-depth analysis and investigation to comprehend the level of damage done and requires steps staged carefully for an effective recovery. By partnering with our expert SEO consultants you get a comprehensive report of the analysis that detects the specific Panda update that might have possibly brought down the ranking.

Steps to recovery are as follows:

  • Analysis of Rank Drop
  • Analysis on Low Traffic to the Website
  • Google Webmaster Tools Review
  • Certifying Copyscape Free Content
  • Eliminating Duplicate Content from the Website
  • Crawling through the site for Low Quality Content
  • Replacing Low Quality Content with New and Original Ones
  • Submission of XML sitemap after recovery changes in Webmaster tools


  1. Google Penguin Recovery Services

Google penguin is always patrolling for poor quality links. Back links that are unnatural, could be one of the causes for your website to get demoted. These low-quality links include paid links, irrelevant links, links sourced from unauthorized websites and many more. Penguin is also watching out for Websites that are over-killing with optimization.

By signing up with our SEO consultant, you can apply the right SEO practices and recover sooner than you think from the penalty imposed.

Steps to recovery include:

  • Unnatural Links Evaluation
  • Examining Links Report from Google WMT
  • Manual Check for PR Distribution and Anchor Text Distribution
  • Identifying and Removing Irrelevant links
  • Coordinating with Webmasters and Requesting for the Removal of Bad Links
  • Documentation of the Entire Process and Follow ups with Webmasters Team


  1. Manual Penalty Recovery Services

If you have received an unusual warning from Google Webmaster Tools it’s because Google has detected inbound links which are potentially harmful. The solution is like the Penguin recovery but emphasis is on removal of the link rather than fixing it, post which, the link is requested to be disavowed by Google.