An eCommerce SEO Agency must indeed deliver the application of definite trade-hacks to make sure that the consumer clicks to contribute to a higher sales figure.

In the contrary, it’s not essential that a click must be converted into a sale.

The experts at Blak Mammoth constantly monitor the consumer’s behavior online to provide a Glitch- Free Shopping Experience.

Blak Mammoth also has an exclusive program designed to reduce the mid-way abandonment at the Shopping- Cart.



A flawless website design and a concrete site structure blended with key word optimization is what will bring your eCommerce business the assured success it deserves.

But that’s not all you want. Do you?

What you really need is a flawless website with all the features that the consumers demand along with a stable and consistent performance. These factors are sure to win a consumer’s heart.

Blak Mammoth tailors an experience by being in the shoes of the consumer.

For example, the consumer’s age could range between 12 – 80 years old, but the user experience remains the same; Easy to use, Amusing and Helpful.

What it really takes to master the eCommerce SEO sector comes from a handful of marketing executives at the agency working continuously towards perfection.

Perfecting the art of converting the website traffic into positive sales numbers includes reducing the bounce rate to zero and maintaining a 100 percent uptime of the eCommerce website.



From a Local Tea Vendor to a Top Class Business, ROI is the main factor which converts the business into a successful journey.

The business is meaningless without the targeted returns.

An eCommerce SEO company will help you double your returns provided you choose the right SEO package.

With the exclusive compendium, your website is benefitted with,

  • Keyword Research
  • Reduced Advertisement Cost
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Internal Link Building
  • Website Error Analysis

Blak Mammoth leads you to:

  • Results that provide positive outcomes with the right SEO
  • Visible results that increases sales through the online platform.
  • Constant updates keeping up with the Search Engine Algorithms as a crucial factor.



To rank higher on Google is the main motive of running an SEO process. Certain tips and tricks can further push the ranking higher than your competitors. Without an ideal SEO strategy in place, you lose out on clicks, sales and ultimately lose the race against several other competitors who are emerging as you read this.

To stay on top, it is important to follow an exclusively charted plan described below:

  1. Research and Analysis

An Extensive Research is carried out to analyze the highly relevant keyword related to your product/service with respect to Google Adwords, combined with research on your competitors. With this research done on their website, their keywords and their site structure we make your website is unique and stronger than their.

  1. Reporting

The computed results that are accomplished during the Research and Analysis phase, are recorded to enable transparency in the process. It helps gain clarity and the ability to make necessary changes to keep making our platform better than yesterday.

Multiple reports are maintained in this important stage.

  1. Content and Link Building

Creating Excellent Content and Earning Quality Inbound Links collectively, is the most important aspect in an SEO process. This must be done cautiously to avoid penalties from Google for publishing poor quality website.

  1. Optimizing Strategy

A strategist will work on optimizing your rank with the help of a combination of SEO tools. This helps in streamlining the SEO process to make smart decisions and perform better and better which is a continuous process.