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The website is the frontline tool for the customers. An attractive and responsive design is the most appealing factor. It also carries maximum weightage when it comes to the image of the company. Irrespective of how business is performing, an elegant website design can assuredly be the OOMPH factor in the digital arena.


What good does a website do if it is not delivering the relevant information that a user requests. In most cases the answers are available but at the wrong place. At Blak Mammoth we create designs that just not appeal to one’s eyes but effortlessly obtainable. Collating specifics with easy navigation and backing it up with quality content. Content that gives essentials and data that is apt.

We are a Web design company that just don’t seek attention from viewers but ensure they become our followers. By applying design strategies that justifies to a broad array of visitors. Executing results that speaks for itself. We specialise in both classes, bringing life to an existing website or to give birth to a fresh design. The credit to the success behind our designs go to our clients. We pay utmost attention to the details and bring the best out of it.

Followers not just


The Art of Planning

In today’s time, strategies for every business are different when it comes to establishing them online. Blak Mammoth helps their clients bring more clarity to their objectives, carefully understand the clients needs and initiate one hell of an R&D process.

  • Objectives
  • Understanding
  • Research

The Art of Designing

Designs are beautiful as long as they are unique and get people talking. At Blak Mammoth, we carefully understand our clients requirements, create mockups and sketches which exceeds their expectations. And deliver a design which our clients admire.

  • wireframing
  • mockups
  • sketches

The Art of Developing

From developing your brand from the scratch to building websites which people love. At Blak Mammoth, We take care of your project like our own. We ensure the ground work you desire for your site is established rock solid. Let it be HTML, WordPress, or any other. We’ve got you.

  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • WordPress

The Art of Launch

Starting a brand is one thing. Launching it right is another. At Blak Mammoth, We ensure the brand is all set to target the right market. With services and processes like, E-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing and A/B testing, and continuous optimisation we ensure the grand success.

  • email marketing
  • cross-browser testing
  • revisions

The Art of Measuring

Brand launched successfully? What do you do next? Measure the impact and optimise your results. At Blak Mammoth, our analytics setup helps our clients have a clear view of the campaigns. Implement split testing and create a transparent performance report to optimise the market and expand.

  • analytics
  • split testing
  • performance audit

The Science of Growth

This is where you see the magic happen. At Blak Mammoth, with our services like, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), AdWords(PPC) and intense advertising channels, we help our clients reach bigger audience, bigger market, crush bigger targets, and establish a successful brand.

  • marketing
  • SEO
  • advertising


1. Analysis

The path to excellence starts off by first understanding the company’s objective, goals, target audience and the desired outcome.

3. Mockup

The phase where the look and feel of the website is analyzed. This is presented to further understand a client’s requirement, take feedback and improvise based on the review given.

5. Preproduction testing and Analysis

Final touch up to the product, before it’s delivered to the client. This helps to eliminate the last moment glitches, examining from the scratch of the product to the final product.

2. Planning

The phase where attention to details is given. To decide the theme of the website, layouts, color schemes, fonts and other objects that define a website.

4. Testing

The website is put to test to rate its performance, navigation, user experience, response and effectiveness to generate leads.

6. Delivery

The final and fully developed website is put to production and goes live after client has approved based on the requirements fulfilled.

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